The Daikin Comfort Promise. Ultimately, the commitment to provide you with comfort for life is represented and reinforced in the Daikin Comfort Promise. If, for any reason, the Daikin Comfort Professional has not met your expectations within one year of your equipment or system installation, please contact the installing Daikin Comfort Pro and ask them to honor the Daikin Comfort Promise. The Daikin Comfort Pro will return to your house to resolve any issues you have with your installation at no cost to you. As part of formally maintaining the Daikin Comfort Pro distinction, the Daikin Comfort Pro will make all reasonable efforts to resolve any concerns you have within one year of your equipment installation. If a Daikin Comfort Professional does not meet your expectations, they risk losing the ability to sell Daikin products. With the Daikin Comfort Promise, you can have peace of mind that your Daikin Comfort Professional will continue to earn your business well after the sale. If not, they cannot be a Daikin Certified Professional. Period.

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